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Andrea Honoré has been throughout this challenge since the beginning, famously staging a day by day sit-in at Governor Baker’s office. Under, her story. — Charley]

It’s the day of the second Weymouth fuel transmission compressor MassDEP air quality plan listening to, and I’m pissed.

I’m pissed at a Governor who shaves his head for cancer analysis yearly however has no drawback permitting polluters to extend ambient cancer-causing air toxins by handing environmental permits out like sweet at a parade. I’m pissed at a Governor who gained’t acknowledge the over-polluted Fore River Basin and invests in fracking but will get awards for being a “climate leader.” I am properly and really pissed off none of the malfeasance relating to the compressor “cover-up” has caught to The Massive Boss Baker.

Maybe you’ve examine the Weymouth compressor venture on this blog however might not know the background? You can begin by studying this most wonderful piece in the Globe.

Weymouth is the metropolis that calls itself a city that’s been preventing an Enbridge fuel transmission compressor for 4 years. FOUR. YEARS. And, by the approach, this is not a NIMBY state of affairs.

There’s slightly Four-acre parcel at the base of the model new Fore River Bridge, on the Weymouth aspect, that needed nothing more than to reside as much as its TIF Agreement to offer a mutually agreeable use for the land between the landowner at the time, Calpine, and the town of Weymouth. How tiny and verdant is the Four-acre plot of land, regardless of being coated in poisonous coal ash and saturated with 11 million gallons of (oops) released Sprague oil. LOL.

This parcel, recognized regionally as The North Parcel, turned property of Spectra Power, now Enbridge, for an exorbitant quantity of dollars in 2016. I don’t need to inform you that this association was not mutually agreeable with the town. Weymouth isn’t an affluent city, so going after Calpine for selling to Spectra was not in the playing cards when Weymouth was busy spending cash preventing the DEP. BTW, Weymouth has now spent nicely over $1.3m in authorized charges to battle this compressor venture. I mean, hell, we might use that cash for therefore many things round town. Anyway… the town isn’t the solely entity preventing this catastrophe of a venture.

The Fore River Residents Towards the Compressor Station (FRRACS) has been holding the fort on the citizen degree for four years. If not for Alice Area’s intrepid leadership and the unreal members of the FRRACS board, this damned compressor can be constructed already. To carry off a fuel undertaking putting shovels in the floor for this long is nearly unheard of. Quincy helps pay some of the citizen legal charges as well as Hingham Residents Towards the Compressor Station, I can’t let that go unspoken.

This compressor is a component of a multi-state undertaking referred to as Atlantic Bridge—the identify itself making export plans obvious—that may set a precedent for siting fuel transmission compressors the United States. If the compressor is constructed, it might pave the means for other compressors to go in tiny, tiny plots of land surrounded by really dense inhabitants. There isn’t any such fuel transmission compressor in existence that’s sited as such, particularly in a hurricane inundation zone susceptible to flooding.

FYI, fuel compressors are often sited on 50-100 acres of land, typically with many acres of timber as buffer to residents. NOTE TO YOURSELVES: new fuel compressors belong nowhere with renewables undercutting fossil gasoline costs proper and left and methane being 86x worse for the setting than burning coal. BTW, please simply repair those final two details into your consciousness endlessly.

I didn’t know what a fuel compressor—as half of interstate fuel transmission—was till slightly over three years ago. Fuel compressors make it attainable to push fuel in pipelines to places throughout long distances. The fuel for the “un-manned” Enbridge compressor proposal would come from the supposedly still gas-rich Marcellus Shale area in Pennsylvania. Why would Enbridge need to push fuel from the Marcellus to MA? To cheapen our fuel costs? To help ease provide in occasions if bitter chilly? Nope.

MA would share less than 20% of the fuel operating by means of the compressor with Connecticut. The fuel has been bought prematurely to just one plant in MA: the Everett electric generator. That beast is due to decommission in 2024, additional leaving MA with no profit from turning into a freeway for fuel export. Maine will get some fuel for electrical energy, and then round 50% is for export to Canada! Why is this factor being constructed if there isn’t any profit for Massachusetts? Another blog submit lives in that question, however not at the moment, Satan.

Not solely would the Weymouth compressor set a new and dangerous US siting precedent, not deliver jobs to MA, and not provide fuel invoice aid, it might break the Mi’kmaq tribe of Nova Scotia as Alton Fuel is just ready with dollar signs in their eyes to get the fuel pushed north from the Weymouth Atlantic Bridge compressor. The Mi’kmaq tribe have been ready and preventing so long as we now have, with some very bodily exhausting techniques being used to retain the purity, safety, and sovereignty of their land.

Many scary issues rest on this compressor (toxins, explosions, dying, cancers, the risk of MORE fuel infrastructure, and so on) and one of the worst issues is that it’ll lock New England into using fracked fuel for many years. We all know that’s a nasty concept, right? There are such a lot of dangerous points of this venture which were ignored by Governor Baker. As Larger Boston Physicians for Social Duty and the Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) put it: “What, NO WAY, BAD IDEA. SUCH A BAAAD idea to put a compressor there.”

But didn’t the Well being Influence Evaluation (HIA) inform us it might all be OK? Heh, for those who use Enbridge’s numbers in your HIA, which nobody has double-checked, of course it’s going to seem like every thing is OK. Public safety and coastal resiliency research are however a dream to us here in Weymouth.

Why am I so pissed at Governor Charles Duane Baker? Heavy sigh. Baker is The Only One in elected office supporting the compressor. Electeds from the South Shore and beyond are firmly towards it. Baker pals like Mayors Hedlund, Koch, and Sullivan are even like, WTF, man? Rep. Lynch obtained the Mayors and Baker in a room collectively in March of this yr and I’m not totally positive anything of use came out of it.

Our man CDB has been steadfast in his (publicly unstated) help of the Weymouth compressor challenge up to now. He likes to say he’s neither for nor towards it, but as my homeboy Howard Zinn says: you can’t be impartial on a shifting practice. The CDB Categorical practice is heading to Compresslorland. Gov. Baker has not executed a dammed factor to comply with the present MA laws that may prohibit such a facility from being constructed on this website. Not. One. Factor. I gained’t even get began on the Atlantic Bridge-as-Trojan-horse for Entry Northeast. One other submit, another time.

Gov Baker repeatedly and incorrectly says of the compressor: “It’s a Federal issue” or “My hands are tied.” Pardon me while I LMFAO. Why hassle having a allow process? States don’t have rights, how foolish of me. Perhaps it’s all the massive firms and large cash influencing Baker to only sit back and let this factor be built?

I feel a Pricey Gov. Baker letter coming on, I’ve written them earlier than.

Pricey Gov. Baker:

Dude, you’re both the weakest governor in all MA history, or you want this compressor constructed. Both? Tell me, although, why does MA have multiple environmental State permit processes, including MA Coastal Zone Management (which has Federal-level, last answer power)? Why does MA hassle with the theater of these pricey DEP hearings when all your businesses know you want this dangerous concept to be constructed?

I know you need this compressor constructed. YOU are the boss of all this, one flick of an eyebrow toward stopping the compressor and the process would grind to a halt. Heck, even some members of the Federal Power Regulatory Commission (FERC) would agree together with your determination to stop this undertaking on the basis of environmental impression alone.

How in the world do you get out being held answerable for DEP bungling this entire course of, and exposing its regulatory seize to us all? How do you get to skate by means of all of this and get invited to speak in DC about climate change prevention? How do you get invited to native environmental occasions to be a keynote speaker and get environmental awards if you not only push(ed) fuel new infrastructure on MA, however you needed us to assist pay for it as nicely? Why tie us to fossil fuels when the entire world is in protest towards such things?

You spend money on frackers, for feck’s sake! FRACKERS. The worst of the worst corporations.

I can inform you from personal expertise that your fracking investments are shopping for human rights abuses by way of absurdly hurtful gag orders on residents of the Marcellus Shale area of Pennsylvania. When you selected to struggle the fuel and oil corporations, you get a life of misery even in case you’re fortunate enough to get away together with your health. In virtually all instances, these people can’t drink, prepare dinner with, or bathe in their very own water. It’s inconceivable to promote their houses as a result of the fracking wells poisoning their land. I’d love for you to meet Ray Kemble and he’ll inform you how your investment in Cabot Oil & Fuel sits with him. Ray is tall, too.

Gov. Baker, YOUR money is enabling the persevering with ruination of our surroundings by means of your investments and your (in)actions, and no quantity of wind power goes to cancel out the hurt brought on by your selections. No amount of hairs off your shaved head will change the harm you will cause if you don’t use MA’s environmental legal guidelines to cease this compressor.

I’ll take a passage from Alice Area’s letter to Gov. Baker in April of 2017:

You (Gov. Baker) took an oath of office that said:

I,_______________________, do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and will help the Constitution thereof. So assist me, God.

Article 97 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts states:
The individuals shall have the proper to wash air and water, freedom from excessive and pointless noise, and the natural, scenic, historic, and esthetic qualities of their surroundings; and the protection of the individuals in their proper to the conservation, improvement and utilization of the agricultural, mineral, forest, water, air and other pure assets is hereby declared to be a public function.

How are you going to uphold that oath whereas ignoring Environmental Justice communities and never doing something to stop 5 NEW fuel infrastructure tasks in MA? Does the International Warming Options Act of 2008 mean anything to you?

The fuel tasks proposed at the moment:

  • Tennessee Fuel Pipeline (TGP)’s “261 Upgrade Projects” to broaden Agawam compressor & add loop to Lateral
  • Weymouth compressor
  • Columbia Fuel “Reliability Plan” for Higher Springfield Service Space since impacts West Springfield, Springfield, Agawam and Longmeadow
  • Lowell modernization
  • Charlton LNG facility, Liberty Power Belief

I typically take into consideration the free time we might all have if Jay Gonzalez had gotten elected. All permits would have been lawfully denied, and we’d Have Maura Healey defending the state towards Enbridge’s inevitable lawsuits.

And we might have gained.

As an alternative we’ve got to attend these DEP hearings and watch all logic and cause go down the drain.

Catch you on twitter, individuals.

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