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The Best Water Filters for Your Whole House, Kitchen, Shower & Bath

Clear water is vital for a wholesome physique. Nevertheless it’s a sad reality that the majority faucet water is crammed with unhealthy contaminants and chemical compounds.

Let’s take a look at the most effective water filters for your entire house, kitchen, bathe, and tub so you’ll be able to shield yourself and your family. Spoiler: bottled water is NOT the answer and sure, bathe and bathtub water filters are essential! Here’s why…

Getting a chilly? Drink some water.

Need clearer pores and skin? Drink some water.

Making an attempt to shed extra pounds? Drink some water.

Stub your toe? Drink some water. (OK, in order that one is more of a distraction method)

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However whereas water is inherently healthy, it is an irony of recent occasions that the majority tap water can also be a big source of pollution.

The Environmental Working Group just lately carried out a three-year research that assessed 20 million consuming water quality checks performed by 48,712 water utilities in all 50 US states. They discovered a total of 316 contaminants in water that was provided to 256 million People (78%) in 45 totally different states.

What are these contaminants? The place do they come from? They’re agricultural pollution (pesticides and herbicides), industrial chemical compounds (gasoline additives, , and byproducts of the water remedy processes.

Of the contaminants, solely 114 have been topic to government regulation or security requirements as set by the EPA (Environmental safety Agency). Frighteningly, the other 202 weren’t.

Ought to we be involved? Do these contaminants impression our health? Yes and sure. Of the 316 contaminants found in EWG’s research…

  • 93 have been linked to an elevated danger of cancer
  • 78 have been associated with brain and nervous system injury
  • 63 have been related to developmental hurt to youngsters or fetuses
  • 45 have been either recognized endocrine disruptors or linked to hormonal disruption
  • 38 have been linked to infertility

The bottom line: a high-quality water filter is an absolute must.

And no, bottled water isn’t the solution!

Not only is bottled water not almost as strictly regulated as faucet water, but  virtually 50% of bottled water *IS* municipal faucet water that has not been handled or filtered in any special approach.

And not solely are single-use plastic water bottles a big source of environmental air pollution, but they pollute our bodies too — the plasticizers or chemical compounds used to make the bottles leach into the water and ultimately find their method into our our bodies.

Plus, the cost of bottled water is greater than the cost of gasoline — bought to individuals at 1,900 occasions the worth of municipal faucet water but… I repeat: virtually half of all bottled water is just municipal faucet water that has been packaged in little plastic bottles that not solely pollute our planet but our our bodies, too!

To study extra, see my weblog publish 5 Causes Why Bottled Water is Unhealthy, Environmentally Unfriendly, & a Complete Joke (true, true, and true).

It’s additionally necessary to filter our bathe and tub water.

The majority of our exposure to a specific group of widespread water contaminants generally known as trihalomethanes (THMs) — water disinfection byproducts — is from showering and/or bathing.

It’s because they vaporize rather more shortly and at a decrease temperature than water.

Plus, inhaling these chemical compounds is extra harmful than consuming them because it goes immediately into our blood stream, whereas our our bodies’ pure detox pathways assist shield us from contaminants in consuming water.

These chemical compounds can even extra simply penetrate our skin while showering and/or bathing because the heat opens our pores.

For instance, the National Toxicology Program discovered that consuming water triggered little elevation in blood ranges of chloroform (one of the widespread THMs) while displaying in that same water elevated the focus of chloroform in the blood increased 2 to 7 occasions!

But not not all water filters are created equally.

Some filter out just the basics or what NSF Worldwide — a non-profit organization that has stepped in to create minimal necessities for the security and efficiency of water filters since no federal laws exist for house filtration methods — considers “aesthetic impurities” that have an effect on the taste and odor of the water, including chlorine.

Other more in-depth, high quality filters take away micro organism, viruses, heavy metals, fluoride, flame retardants (PFOA and PFOS), and more. These are the filters value spending your hard-earned money on!

A quick notice about fluoride…

70% of the American water provide is fluoridated. That is primarily mass treatment, because the intent of fluoridation is to profit our dental health.

This isn’t a follow that the majority other developed nations have not adopted, and rising quantity of analysis means that fluoridated water increases the danger of great health circumstances like arthritis, injury to the creating brain of infants and youngsters, lowered thyroid perform, and probably osteosarcoma (bone most cancers) in adolescent males.

And sarcastically, fluoridation can also be the first reason for dental fluorosis, a discoloration of the tooth that is brought on by extreme fluoride intake.

I personally consider fluoride is doing extra harm than good and ought to be faraway from our consuming water.

So let’s check out one of the best water filters for your specific wants: for the whole house, kitchen, bathe, and bathtub.

Whole home water filters are a fantastic choice for householders — although you may still need to use a consuming water filter in addition since entire home filters are restricted of their purification talents — whereas renters will need to choose for separate filters for the kitchen and toilet.

Bonus! Let’s additionally take a look at some on-the-go solutions for once you’re traveling or in any other case out of the house.

Best Whole House Water Filters

Whole water filter techniques take away contaminants from the water served to your complete home: water from the kitchen sink, showers, bathtubs, toilet sinks, and even washer. Yes, this is implausible!

However that being stated, entire home water filtration techniques are limited of their capabilities when compared to a few of the more advanced consuming water filters. A bummer, I know! So should you’re notably concerned about your consuming water, you should still need to think about using a consuming water filter within the kitchen as properly.


This entire home system removes 97% of chlorine for 600,000 gallons or 6 years. It also reduces heavy metals, and there’s an non-compulsory upgrade to incorporate a Sterilight UV Filter which kills over 99% of bacteria and viruses (which I recommend).

Even with the price of the pre-filter (which needs to be modified each 2 months), post-filter, and the electrical energy required for the UV filter, it’s still an incredible worth for the value. Plus, the company provides a 10-year restricted warranty.

Where to get it: $599.99 from Aquasana

NOTE: They’ve totally different choices for municipal water and properly water. I also recommend calling the company earlier than making a purchase to speak by means of how your native municipality sanitizes your water to ensure you’re choosing the best choice.

Best Consuming Water Filters For the Kitchen

What about your refrigerator water filter? Is that sufficient?


My personal water filter of selection… and the water filter of Doomsday Preppers! And those individuals mean BUSINESS. (Take a look at their YouTube videos for a little bit of enjoyable and to see what Berkey water filters can do!) These filters can truly be utilized in an emergency to filter all the things from pool water to creek or flood water. Therefore why the Preppers adore it! I joke about this however it’s really a testomony to the standard of the filtration.

Berkey water filters are a bit totally different than what you might be used to. They’re manufactured from chrome steel and sit on the countertop — you pour the water into the top chamber, gravity takes the water by way of the filters, and the filtered water collects within the bottom chamber.

Berkey filters take away the very best amount of poisons whereas leaving the required minerals in the water, in addition to over 99% of pathogenic micro organism. The fluoride attachment filters (which I recommend) scale back fluoride as much as 95%. It’s really the very best water filter choice for the worth.

And whereas it looks like a reasonably vital upfront investment, Berkey water filters are extraordinarily cost-effective: about 1.6 cents per gallon! Take a look at this comparison with another well-liked filters:

You possibly can study more concerning the know-how behind Berkey water filters HERE.

Where to get it

NOTE: Berkey water filtration techniques can’t at present be shipped to California or Iowa. If you would like one, I’d recommend getting it shipped to a good friend or family member out of state, and paying for them to ship it to you. It’s a further expense, however again, a Berkey is actually actually economical over the long term so it’s value it.


This is an insanely complete under-sink water filtration system — hence the upper price tag. The 14 levels are as follows:

  • Stage 1 – 5 Micron Pre-Filter
  • Stage 2 – Inner Coconut Shell Carbon Filter
  • Stage 3 – Reverse Osmosis Membrane (Purifier #1)
  • Stage four – Combined Mattress De-Ionization Purifier (Air purifier #2)
  • Stage 5 – Combined Bed De-Ionization Purifier (Purifier #3)
  • Levels 6 & 7 – Homeopathic Restructuring – Erasing Reminiscence, Molecule Coherence
  • Stage eight – Holding Tank – normal tank holds about three gallons of pure water. Different tanks are available.
  • Stage 9 – Ultraviolet Mild – 14 Watt
  • Stage 10 – Reprogramming – Adding Pure Mineral Properties
  • Levels 11-12 – Far-Infrared Reprogramming
  • Stage 13 – Coconut Shell Carbon Submit-Filtration
  • Stage 14 – Alka-Min (Alkalizing, Ionic Remineralization)

The triple filters remove over 99% of all chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, lead, and pharmaceutical residues.

Observe stage 14. Whereas most reverse-osmosis techniques take away healthy minerals from water, this unique system truly remineralizes the water on this final stage. That is extraordinarily necessary!

For those who don’t need to muddle your counter tops with a Berkey and have the price range for it, that is completely the most effective under-sink water filtration system I’ve researched.

The place to get it: $1,695 from Radiant Life


This is by far the perfect water filter pitcher. Sure, far and away superior to the Brita or Pur water filters which to be quite trustworthy… don’t filter all that a lot!

It’s the one filter that has been independently tested to NSF requirements 42, 53, 244, 401 & 473.

I personally would spend money on a Berkey over this pitcher, however this can be a great choice for school students, these with very restricted counter area, or a very restricted finances. That being stated, water filter pitchers truly value extra in the long term since you need to substitute the filters so often.

Where to get it: $75 on Amazon

Best Shower Water Filters


In fact Berkey makes a unbelievable shower filter choice, too! This shower filter removes up to 95% of chlorine, and in addition reduces hydrogen sulfide and pathogens. Every filter has a lifespan of 20,000 gallons, or about one yr of use.

The place to get it: $65 from Berkey Filters


Another nice bathe filter choice that removes over 90% of chlorine and reduces risky organic compounds.

In the event you’re wanting for a shower water filter with a wand, you’ll need considered one of these Aquasana bathe water filters.

Where to get it: $54.99 from Aquasana


In the event you’d relatively connect your personal showerhead, you’ll need this Aquasana shower water filter choice. Once more, it removes over 90% of chlorine and reduces risky organic compounds.

Where to get it: $54.99 from Aquasana

Best Bathtub Water Filter

NOTE: Bath filters are probably the most troublesome to seek out. The out there options don’t seem to filter many contaminants or come with sufficient documentation of their efficacy, and they are a bit clunky. I personally fill the bathtub by way of my filtered showerhead.


This isn’t a standard filter in that you simply don’t connect it to the spout. As an alternative, you let it float within the bathtub for 5 to 8 minutes earlier than getting it. Is removes up to 100% of free chlorine and 30% of chloramine. One ball will last you 200 baths, after which point you’ll need to vary the filter.

Where to get it: $44.25 from Radiant Life

Best Water Filter While On-the-Go


Water Bottle with FilterThis bottle is so nicely designed and sensible. Whereas other filtered water bottles often require you to suck via a straw or mouthpiece hooked up to a filter which slows the stream of water and may get actually frustrating, GRAYL bottles work like a French press to filter a whole bottle of water in simply 15 seconds.

Plus, of all of the options I’ve researched it filters probably the most contaminants by far. It removes 99.9% of viruses (like hepatitis A, SARS, rotavirus), 99.9% of disease-causing micro organism (like E. coli, salmonella, cholera), and 99.9% of protozoan cysts (e.g. Giardia, Cryptosporidium). It additionally filters particulates like sediment and silt in addition to chlorine, benzene, and heavy metals.

Where to get it: $59.95 on Amazon

Do you filter your water? Considering doing do now!?

Do you’ve got any of the filters talked about here? Any experience to share with us?

Please be a part of the dialog within the comments under!

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