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PHLster: Phenomenal Philadelphia EDC Gear

PHLster was once recognized for a couple of very good holster designs. Now it’s recognized for a number of nice holster designs and various totally different EDC doohickeys and upgrades as properly!

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PHLster ARC Weapon Mild Change

PHLster Floodlight


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The ARC weapon mild alternative change is accessible now [we just ordered one, 6-14-19, 17h30 CST]. Built using the identical rules of the sector expedient “Fisher Switch1” (as in Steve Fisher, Sentinel Concepts2), the ARC permits users to lower the space between their activation finger and the WML change. That’s a Good Thing.

“If you have short fingers, are tired of compromising your grip to activate the WML, dislike grip switches, need more reach to activate the switches when installed on certain pistols, or just want to make WML activation faster and easier, the PHLster ARC is a necessary upgrade.” PHLster

Weapon light switch (ARC) from PHLster. The ARC is a wonderful improve to your weapon mounted mild – a nice, store-bought various to the DIY modifications people have been making for years!

The ARC ships as a set of three (3) pairs of change enhancements that may optimize their mild for both right- and left-handed use. This is going to enhance velocity (and consistency) of activation and (fairly considerably) could be reliably engaged with gloved or wet palms.

Every ARC set includes a Giant, Additional-Giant, and Additional Giant (Clean) set of switches (the latter allowing for shaping, carving, whittling, stippling, or different “personalization”). Giant and XL versions are aggressively textured. All are holster friendly.

PHLster advises,

Giant, XL, and stock switches could be combined and matched, to optimize the WML for right or left-handed use, based mostly on your most popular activation method, decrease the space to the change on some models of firearm, or to simply improve momentary or constant-on activations.

No everlasting modifications to the WML are essential to install the ARC. The original change caps are simply removed with a small screwdriver or pliers and the ARC change enhancements press instantly on to the change armature bar. Please watch the instruction video previous to set up. Remember that the switches are right and left-hand biased, so take note of the markings on the ARC change enhancements.

Weapon-light-switch-ARC SIG Gray Guns

Relying on the age of your mild, manufacturing tolerances, and their meant use, some customers might need to apply a tiny dab of adhesive to the change armature bar as a last step in their installation, after figuring out their optimum change configuration.

The PHLser ARC for Surefire WMLs matches all widespread mild bearing holsters.

Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack-Tactical on the ARC weapon light switch“ARC switch replacements are legit. I was fortunate to help do some testing. Never lost one during that time. Whether you’re a trigger finger guy, support thumb guy or hand bump guy these make life a little easier. Consideration for SHO/WHO also need to be accounted for. Great product from a proven manufacturer that only makes the X series of lights better.” Bill Blowers, Faucet-Rack Tactical

Change set up is straightforward and requires no permanent modification. The stock change nubs are simply eliminated with pliers or a small screwdriver and the improved change end-caps press on to the change armature bar. And, the ARC change enhancements fit pretty much every respectable WML holster available on the market, together with Safariland and lots of, many others.

Weapon-light-switch-ARC Beretta

Weapon-light-switch-ARC CZ weapon light switch

Yow will discover em on the PHLster website: however in case you’re gonna buy one, remember to use your Tactical Consumers Club low cost code!

Read extra on The Firearm Rack.

Right here’s COWAN!‘s impression of the ARC.

PHLster is a part of the House Morningwood Tactical Buyers Club

1 Dave Merrill wrote about this a number of years in the past when speaking concerning the SureFire X300U.

2 Online at Sentinel Ideas (@sentinel_concpts); take note of the Sentinel Ideas Facebook page too, Steve’s doing Facebook Reside and dropping information always.


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PHLster Floodlight


PHLster (@phlster) lately released what may be the perfect common(ish) light-bearing appendix holster we’ve seen up to now – the Floodlight. Its the result of a collaboration between PHLster ( and Andrew Henry of Henry Holsters (@henryholsters, q.v.). In line with many posts on social media (from individuals I respect, not simply random individuals with a holster fetish), they’re an impressive, even ingenious design, they usually’re beginning to hit mailboxes en masse as of right now.

A PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster in use by COWAN! of Sage Dynamics. COWAN!’s Floodlight(s), courtesy of Sage Dynamics.

Word: featured image from Terry Bohannon, @ninexnineteen.

PHLster is the creation of Jon Hauptman, whom cognoscenti and serious-minded holster people might recall from the superb Philly EDC video collection. Apropos to nothing, he’s additionally the person whose identify I misspelled for about three years by placing an extra n on the top. He’s depraved sensible and really good at understanding and articulating even the seemingly minor points of the hid and carry features of concealed carry. He’s simply nearly as good (or better) at addressing those things in his holster design.

Grunts: cognoscenti.

So what’s the Floodlight? Down previous the nut-cuttin’, it’s a universalized holster predicated on use of the SureFire X300U A or B. In case you can attach that sort of WML to your handgun, and assuming that handgun is likely one of the even marginally widespread breeds of pistol, the Floodlight will virtually definitely match.

The PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster (appendix carry holster) as used by Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics. The PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster (appendix carry holster) additionally as used by Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics.

This implies you’ll be able to in a short time change from your Glock 19/17/35, M&P, STI, or Beretta 92 to your CZ P10, SIG P229, Walther PQ, or Springfield XD to your…nicely, whatever. To additional improve its utilitarian potential, the Floodlight is ambidextrous and in addition accommodates each method of comps, optics, threaded barrels, suppressor peak sights, slide-mounted optics, and suppressor.

Whoa - the PHLster Floodlight seems to do it ALL. Strange things are afoot, and not just at the Circle K!

Notice: don’t hold me accountable for the spelling, I didn’t make the gif.

Right here’s a shot of the Floodlight with a suppressor hooked up (PC @jwramp).

PHLster Floodlight with supressed pistol - not Photoshopped PC @jwramp

[Note: learn more about PHLster.]

PHLster Floodlight: Dudes Who Know, Opine

Chuck Pressburg of Presscheck Consulting avers,

“The Floodlight holds every medium and large frame semi-auto blaster with Uboat that I own. Adjustable tension and weapon agnostic. Comped or threaded? No problem… perfect for winter carry of the hand cannons! This one holster holds my double stack Nighthawk, Glock 34, comped 22, 17, 19, comped 19, and (with less than 1/8th of an inch of material removed) a CZ Bullshadow. Comps, threaded barrels, and suppressor height front sights are no problem.”

The PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster (appendix carry holster) as used by Presscheck Consulting.The PHLster Floodlight holster utilized by Presscheck Consulting.

To raised go well with such a wide selection of handguns, the Floodlight is a tw0-piece design featuring adjustable slide contact. Thus its pressure may be adjusted for specific slide dimensions and profiles. This, mixed with the adjustable rigidity on the light-holding portion of the physique (e.g. like its Highlight holster predecessor), will permit the consumer to remove slip, rattle, and play in the holster.

The PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster (appendix carry holster) as used by Scott Jedlinski. The PHLster Floodlight utilized by Chirrut Imwe (pre-lasik).

Like the Highlight holster, the Floodlight has adjustable retention. This enables the consumer to extend or lower the friction retention on the physique of the WML to tune the draw to their choice. Flip the screws attaching the ModWing grip-tucking hardware to dial the retention to your choice.

The PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster (appendix carry holster) as used by Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts.The PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster (appendix carry holster) as utilized by Sandor Clegane, of House Sentinel.

The Floodlight was designed specifically for AIWB and powerful aspect IWB in thoughts, so a prospective wearer might add a wedge for extra concealment if desired. It ships with loops and clips, offers for adjustable journey peak and cant angle and features ModWing adjustable anti-print hardware.

A PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster in use by COWAN! of Sage Dynamics. A PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster in use by COWAN! of Sage Dynamics. A PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster in use by COWAN! of Sage Dynamics.

Hauptman explains.

“It’s like any other light bearing holster insofar as the retention comes from holster engagement and (adjustable) clamping force on the shapes of the light. To make it more fully universal, the shock cord tension adjustment allows the user to control the degree of pressure against the slide to reduce or eliminate any slop or play, given different gun slide dimensions, and help improve the retention feel.”

There are two necessary issues to make observe of here.  First, you can regulate the slide pressure. In truth, you need to. That is step one in getting the Floodlight to suit the way you need. Second, this isn’t the Spotlight. I say that solely as a result of I’ve juxtaposed the 2 names a minimum of half a dozen occasions while getting ready this article. In truth, I’d give fairly good odds I do it a minimum of once in the remaining version, and miss it.

Apologies prematurely.

So what’s the difference between the Highlight and the Floodlight? There are several, however as Andrew Henry advises,

“If you carry something that’s available in a Spotlight, it’s going to offer a more specialized, tailored fit to that exact weapon. The Glock Spotlight is really optimized for Glock, etc. The Floodlight is a little more of a Jack of All Trades. Also, if you want a molded-in wedge, the Spotlight is the way to go.”

Listed here are three totally different photographs of the identical PHLster Floodlight from Main & Secondary, each with a special handgun aboard.

The PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster (appendix carry holster) from Primary & Secondary with Walther PPQ aboard. Floodlight from Main & Secondary with Walther PPQ aboard.

The PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster (appendix carry holster) from Primary & Secondary with a CZ aboard. PHLster Floodlight from Main & Secondary with a CZ aboard.

The PHLster Floodlight AIWB holster (appendix carry holster) from Primary & Secondary with a Glock 35 aboard. Main & Secondary Floodlight with Glock 35 aboard.

There are in fact different choices for how one can mount the holster. A very good one can be the superb HLR clips from Discreet Carry Concepts (@discreetcarryconcepts, q.v.), as you’ll be able to see right here on these two footage of someone I don’t really know properly enough to make fun of, however who just isn’t solely wrong-handed but owns a considerably nicer pistol than I do.

PHLster Floodlight AIWB - IWB concealment holsterPHLster Floodlight – PC Jim Dexter with STI Tactically Sound Coaching Middle.

PHLster Floodlight AIWB - IWB concealment holsterPHLster Floodlight  – PC Jim Dexter with STI, from Tactically Sound Coaching Middle.

A full description and record of features may be found on PHLster’s Floodlight page, however before you go try to parse by way of all that, take a look at these movies.

At the very least watch Caleb’s. All the best way to the top.

From Gun Nuts Media.

You may also take a look at this video from Scholl Safety Group.

PHLster is online at PHLster Holsters.

The Floodlight could be seen on the FLOODlight web page.

To view extra PHLster options, take a look at your complete Concealment section.

Many (not all) PHLster merchandise are available on the BANG Aisle of Amazon Outfitters.

Some (not all) PHLster merchandise might be be bought from Weapon Outfitters.

In the event you’re interested by a model-specific holster, check out the PHLster SPOTlight.

Comply with PHLster for product updates and pithy observations on Jon’s Instagram web page.

That’s all for now, go forth and conquer.

Floodlights waiting to leave their sanctum sanctorum and venture forth into the world. Floodlights waiting to go away their sanctum sanctorum and venture forth into the world.

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PHLster PEW: Pocket Emergency Pockets


You cain’t (yes, cain’t) all the time carry a gun or knife with ya. Perhaps it’s the situation. Perhaps you’re a type of people who don’t need to carry a gun, or don’t approve of it. What you can do, on a regular basis, daily (apart from whenever you’re buck ass nekkid, and some of you can then too), is be outfitted and ready to cope with a medical emergency.

Truly, you can be outfitted properly, nevertheless it’d doubtless be a bit uncomfortable.

In any event, one straightforward method to be prepped and ready is to carry a medical pockets – the Pocket Emergency Wallet from PHLster.

That’s right. It’s the PEW. It’s another approach to supplement your TQ and BCON (bleeding management) functionality.

It’s a Four x 5 in. elastic sleeve, sewn with three compartments (two for medical gadgets and one other for gloves). This sizes it correctly for again pockets, cargo pockets, jacket pockets, scorching pockets, all types of pockets. PHLster tells us the package could be compressed to only 1.25 inches, properly loaded. When you order one they’ve pre-loaded, it’ll ship at 5.5 oz.

The PEW accommodates:

One pair of nitrile gloves

One H&H Mini Compression Bandage

One H&H Flat Compressed Gauze

WoundClot hemostatic (optionally available)

This obviously isn’t sufficient to deal with a mass casually state of affairs, nevertheless it’s a lot to get you things started  whereas awaiting EMS  or other professional help.

As PHLster explains,

As is the case with a tourniquet, having these things on your individual is vastly superior to having them elsewhere. We designed the PEW across the premise that it’ll function a low profile/handy EDC toolkit to succeed in a better degree of care by addressing the sort of large hemmhorage which could be lethal inside an anticipated response time. Relatively than paring down or miniaturizing a army IFAK to suit this position, we began with a blank slate and requested, “What are the barest essentials to save a life from massive hemmhorage in a functioning urban or suburban setting?” We asked medics, first responders, and tac-med instructors, “If you could only carry two items beyond your tourniquet, what would they be?” With these strict criteria, we have been capable of build a solution to suit your pocket, both when it comes to measurement profile and price range, the two largest obstacles to particular person medical EDC.

Don’t like their selection of medical loadout? You will get an empty one for those who’d like. It’s described as fitting Celox Speedy gauze, Quick Clot Fight Gauze, Fox chest seals, NAR HyFin compact chest seals, SWATT tourniquets, and different gadgets.

You will get one here on the PHLster website.

Perhaps you need to equip a whole staff or unit? Take a look at the Squad Deploy Bundle choice.

Need more shoppin’ assist? Take a look at the complete lineup of the Banging Present Information 2017.

Oh, and should you get a couple of minutes, become involved with the Flatpack Users Group. They’ll study you a couple of issues…like this:

Learn how to flat-fold SOFTT and CAT TQs.

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