Interview with CPBP Cassie Bodnar

Cassie Bodnar of Everlasting Fact Boudoir is a Licensed Skilled Boudoir Photographer and I was so thrilled to have the ability to sit down and speak with her about how her enterprise and her life has modified since signing up for my Boudoir Certified program!


Molly:                I’m tremendous excited to talk with you and you’ve got lots of new stuff happening so it’s like additional exciting. So let’s just start initially. What was your images business like once you first started images?

Cassie:              I wouldn’t really contemplate it a business, like it was just type of occurring barely. I couldn’t get shoppers at all. If anything, it was identical to buddies and typically they might speak their associates into it. I wasn’t actually getting paid anything, like anytime, principally, I all the time ended up placing more into it than I was getting out of it like by quite a bit. So simply really sort of moving into debt, and I had a full time job, it was type of just one thing I used to be doing as a result of I felt enthusiastic about it however I wasn’t capable of stay and even purchase fuel with it. Like simply didn’t benefit me financially in any respect.

Molly:              Have been you doing like all forms of shoots or did you begin out doing boudoir?

Cassie:              I began out doing the whole lot after which about two years in the past once I realized I had an area that I might use for boudoir, I began actually making an attempt to concentrate on that however it just, like I stated, I couldn’t actually get anyone in. And so I used to be still doing like a bit little bit of the whole lot after which I found you. And I’ve all the time been probably the most enthusiastic about boudoir. So discovered you and realized like we will do this stuff. Right here I’m.

Molly:              I like it. Cassie’s business is known as Eternal Fact Boudoir, which I really like the identify and her emblem is like the good factor ever. It’s like a drawing of her. Did your vital other draw that for you?

Cassie:              No. So his boss on the tattoo shop, the man that made his emblem is sort of a good good friend to him. So I like actually sent him one in every of my boudoir photographs which was just like the funniest factor ever. However I used to be like, are you able to draw this.

Molly:              And by the best way, she means the boudoir photograph of her doing a boudoir shoot, not like of a shopper.

Molly:              That’s awesome. And she or he lives in Piqua, Ohio. I feel I’m saying that proper. That’s awesome. And it’s Bodner, not Boudner or wait, I still say it incorrect.

Cassie:              Like physique, Bodnar.

Molly:              Bodnar, not Boudner. Boudnar sounds so Midwest. I feel my accent just totally went for it. However then once more, you reside in Ohio. Superior. Cool. So okay, once you first began out your images enterprise, you have been capturing seems like every part. And you stated that it was simply $75. And have been you doing like a shoot and burn sort of a thing?

Cassie:              Yeah.

Molly:              And how many hours have been you spending on like acquiring the client, capturing the client, modifying the photographs, delivering the CD and all that stuff?

Cassie:              I didn’t really hold monitor of it I assume. But I do keep in mind like modifying being like one of many worst issues ever because I was identical to, I have nothing to point out for this, I have one million footage to undergo and like I couldn’t convey myself to not get them all the ones that I favored as a result of I assumed that’s what I used to be presupposed to do. And so like giving them 40 footage and identical to, it was simply so tiring because I knew I didn’t get anything out of it.

Molly:              And like emotionally, yeah, like, inform us more. So that you felt drained. Like, did you ever really feel like quitting or have been you simply type of like …

Cassie:              Like, I gave up a couple of occasions, like just let my digital camera acquire dust and was like, I’ll just take footage of my household and like footage of my kid and that’ll be it as a result of I truthfully had simply informed myself like, that is never going to be something that you can do for a dwelling. You’re all the time going to do that whenever you get slightly increase of motivation. And you then’re going to exit do the shoot and you then’re going to be uninterested in it once more because it’s not like, it’s like being so close to a dream as a result of yeah, you’re out capturing but you realize it’s never going to like get you the place you need it to get you. And like, I assume that was my mindset. Like now I do know it might.

Cassie:              It was really sad, truthfully, as a result of I put a lot work into it. I went to high school and I had simply, I used to be finishing faculty and I was identical to, all this is for nothing. I simply wasted all my time. However I’m so shut. May as nicely get it completed after which I’ll throw my diploma up on a shelf and let it acquire dust too. I imply, it was just significantly a type of issues I simply had given up on.

Molly:              And so, yeah, so it seems like, okay, you set your digital camera away like a couple occasions. After which how did you hear of Boudoir Licensed and what made you like contemplate it?

Cassie:              I feel this is among the funniest like things ever as a result of like loads of the folks that I really feel like have joined certified sort of like adopted you for a bit of bit. I identical to jumped. I used to be identical to, whoop, I’m in there. I randomly, literally, random discovered you on like, I feel you have been identical to a sponsored factor or like boosted submit or something I assume now that I know. Just actually scrolling via Facebook at work someday and I noticed it and I used to be like, positive, I’m going to be listening to music, anyway, I’m going to do this. And I had by no means heard of you earlier than. And literally that day I signed up. I used to be like, sounds nice. Like, I hate my job, I’m right here, so let’s do that. I actually jumped into this.

Molly:              That’s actually why you’re one of the prime college students is as a result of you’ve gotten the mindset to only go for it. As a result of like the one factor I’ve observed between successful and unsuccessful individuals normally is that profitable individuals they make quick selections they usually act upon issues to get results quicker and unsuccessful individuals they’re like, oh, I’ll mull it over for days, weeks, years. And no one ever received results mulling issues over. I by no means had heard that story earlier than but like, I actually, you’re like a reasonably decisive enterprise owner, wouldn’t you say?

Cassie:              Yeah, I might say so.

Molly:              That’s awesome. I mean, you’re like, I discovered of a new cool studio. I’m doing that. Like, you’re identical to, I’m in.

Cassie:              I’ve been like that my entire life. It’s so funny, I feel it may be a part of me being like a millennial because I’m [inaudible] I’ve sort of been informed my entire life like I’m nice, I can do no matter I would like. Like my mom raised me that approach. I heard one thing on Facebook, I used to be watching a video, they have been like, all that is such a downfall. And I simply agreed with it as a result of I used to be like, as a result of I used to be raised with that mindset, I’ve by no means believed that I might do one thing. Clearly, like I had my moments.

Cassie:              However yeah, once I identical to heard that, I used to be like, I can do this, 100%, why can’t I. This is occurring. And that’s why I jumped in. And I’ve sort of identical to, ever since I started, I’ve simply continued to have that mindset. I’ve had like shoppers ask me, like, how did you understand how to do that, how did you know to go full time? I was like, I just never believed that I couldn’t. Like I heard what you had to say and I believed it, and I was like, I’m not going to take no for a solution, this is going to happen.

Cassie:              A method or one other, I get that it’s a mountain, I get it’s going to be arduous. Nevertheless it’s going to occur. Like I’m uninterested in considering, you already know, this can be a onerous life path, no matter. As a result of images, I simply all the time assumed prefer it’s so competitive. At this point, such as you actually could not cease me in case you tried. I’m not, I’m not going to cease.

Molly:              Hell yes. Oh my gosh, that’s superb. And you realize what’s funny is, I used to be raised the identical approach that you simply have been raised. My mom learn a number of private improvement books and she or he continually like, I’m not even kidding you. If I obtained to a C in class, they might hold that shit on the fridge. They have been like, go Molly, you’re superb, you can do something.

Molly:              And for those who’re listening to this and you didn’t have it upbringing, don’t think of it as a setback because you can begin now with your mindset. You don’t need to be raised with that means. Like you’ll be able to change it now. All it’s a must to do, and this seems like actually woo woo, And I might have thought, I literally used to assume this was all nonsense. However actually every morning, identical to, all the time assume constructive ideas and tell your self like I can do, like, it’s not even a question, it’s like I can do this. My husband and I, we truly proper submit it notes every morning, like constructive things, like affirmations, like, we’ll accomplish this factor or we’ll do that or I will take a look at things with the glass half full and we put them on our computer systems. So, even when you weren’t raised that approach, juts start fascinated with that now.

Cassie:              I tell that to my shoppers on a regular basis.

Molly:              That’s awesome.

Cassie:              Literally just had a talk, I inform individuals, this is your world, like, make it what you want it to be. And particularly like, with the women, like, obviously, they’re having points. I had a lady break down on me throughout her testimonial and she or he was like, I’ve wasted so much time like being mean to myself about my physique. I used to be like, okay, properly, now’s your probability. Like, it’s your world. From right here on out, you get to make the decision each morning to wake up and say, I’m going to be good to myself. Like, I’m going to be comfortable with what I’ve here. I’m going to maintain making steps ahead and that’s sort of just how I like go about my life.

Cassie:              So, yeah, I mean, actually, anyone who’s like, oh, properly, I used to be raised this manner or this happened to me at one time. Like, okay, nicely, immediately’s at present and [inaudible] and you get to make your choice as we speak. What’s it going to be?

Molly:              I like it. Oh my gosh. Whenever you have been telling me about your shopper, I was like tearing up as a result of …

Cassie:              It was so unhappy.

Molly:              It’s just crazy the amount of impression that we’ve as boudoir photographers on other individuals’s lives and like what we’re doing, it really does make a huge distinction. You haven’t been capturing boudoir lots yet, you won’t know that. I imply, after doing boudoir, even just my first yr in, it’s like, I might see my shoppers obviously are available as anyone and depart as someone completely totally different. And even a yr, two years, three years later, they stored in touch with me. A variety of them have achieved multiple shoots. But whether they did or they didn’t, they inform me like, wow, after my shoot, it’s not even like they did anything actually that totally different, apart from actually just checked out themselves in several approach and have been more constructive about it.

Molly:              And I actually had my shoppers inform me like, I misplaced weight and it’s because that they had the arrogance to truly go and exercise every morning or whatever it is that they needed to do. And it’s simply loopy, such as you assume, wow, a photo shoot can’t have that massive of an impression on individuals and it really does. So, that’s superb.

Molly:              And what made you need to area of interest into just boudoir?

Cassie:              I’ve all the time type of favored to seek out artwork in stuff like that anyway, I originally like went into faculty considering like, oh, I need to do trend images. I ended up getting pregnant with my daughter. I was like, no means I’m going to be able to do this, that’s like, excessive velocity, way of life. Like, I just had this like imagination like I needed to be like in the films, you realize? Like that type of individual. Then I simply type of like introduced it again. I used to be like, okay, high quality art, really love this.

Cassie:              After which like after being pregnant with my daughter, and like having all the problems with them like physique picture and stuff via that, as a result of like I’m 23, you understand, so I had my daughter once I was 19 and like I used to be pregnant once I was 18. That’s a hard thing. I had simply came out of highschool. So loads of body modifications. I simply didn’t actually like treat myself very nicely because of that. And so like, I sort of looked at my daughter and I used to be like, whoa dude, such as you received to vary your personal mindset and like you need to create a world in your daughter the place like, she did doesn’t need to deal with these things.

Cassie:              And so like, significantly, it has so much to do with what I grew up with when it comes to like physique picture and like all those self-worth issues that I had and then me just deciding like I’m going to own this shit and I look great and my daughter is 100% going to develop up like this. And I inform my group all the time, like, y’all better simply are available here and match me for my straitjacket because I am crazy and I am changing the world. I am altering the world. I’m doing it with or with out you guys. You possibly can hop on this practice or you possibly can wave whereas it goes by because like, we’re changing the world. It’s going to occur.

Cassie:              My child is 100% going to develop up in a world the place like, this trash of like, oh, she appears like this, she seems like that, especially individuals being imply to themselves. Like, I can’t stand anyone, in the midst of a shoot, I had a woman, I confirmed her her image, it was a stunning photograph and she or he was like, “Ugh, I’m fat.” And I used to be like, “All right, I’m not shooting anymore.” She was like, “What?” I used to be like, “I’m not going to take any more pictures of you until you promise me that you’re done bullying yourself. Like, you’re going to make me cry in about five seconds because it hurts my feelings for you to be mean to yourself because I used to do that to myself.”

Cassie:              So actually, it’s simply, you already know, how I like felt about myself and identical to that transition for me in my life and wanting that for other individuals and in addition wanting to like create this higher world for my youngsters to grow up in.

Molly:              I adore it. And that’s-

Cassie:              Passion right there.

Molly:              Ardour. That’s additionally like an enormous part of the Boudoir Licensed Program is educating you about having a motion. Like your enterprise isn’t just a images enterprise, you’re not simply taking portraits. Like you might have one thing that you’re striving to vary on the planet identical to Cassie stated, and you’re doing that by way of the car of your small business and you really do have the facility to truly make a difference on the earth. I know that you simply had mentioned earlier like courses and I feel like school. Like, did you go to high school for images and do you assume that you simply’ll need to go to school for images?

Cassie:              In all probability don’t. I imply, I received my bachelor’s and high-quality artwork images. And like, because my faculty was like fairly small, like I did get some one on one stuff that perhaps was useful. But I don’t feel as though like you could go to school to study those things. I feel 100%, like, I might have discovered all of these things elsewhere for lots less cash so much much less time. Like, positive I need to have my diploma but I feel individuals don’t actually care about that. I’ve it hanging on my wall however no one ever asks me about it. No one really cares. I’m pleased with it but no one like cares about it.

Cassie:              And like, I genuinely feel like all of like all the enterprise elements of every little thing, like they didn’t train me easy methods to run a business. And my entire time via faculty, I’m like, okay, I have to know the right way to run a enterprise. I want to do this alone. However I additionally, like, it simply, they didn’t actually train me something when it comes to like, easy methods to go about it. They taught me fundamentals so I knew the way to use my digital camera, so I knew methods to use lighting. They didn’t even really train me posing, something like that.

Cassie:              Like that’s stuff that I picked up on and I acquired to make use of models for that. But I mean, even at that these have been models that I introduced in. Just actual like task based mostly stuff that you simply like study primary tips, however then you need to sort of determine it out yourself on the best way to use that.

Cassie:              So, I imply, positive it was useful for me, like, I selected that path. However I also now like should pay someone $50,000 and I might have in all probability discovered it so much cheaper, even identical to shadowing anyone.

Molly:              I went to high school for images, too. They usually didn’t train me something about enterprise. I truly ended up dropping out because I used to be like, okay, I’m already 60 grand in debt and I’m three or four years into faculty and I still do not know where to even start with my images enterprise. So yeah, I dropped out and I discovered it all. I did trial and error though over like six freaking years. And that’s precisely why I began Boudoir Certified as a result of I’m like, man, I might much relatively have been capable of take a program for a 10th of the cost of school the place it truly teaches me all of the things I truly have to find out about operating a profitable boudoir images business.

Molly:              Which leads me to my subsequent question. Like, what reservations Did you’ve gotten before you joined? We have been a licensed and why did you determine to enroll?

Cassie:              Nicely, I don’t really assume I ever like considered that stuff until like, after like, I didn’t get to the like properly what if stuff till after once I was like, oh, like, I simply paid for this, like what if it doesn’t work? I used to be so bought on it that I used to be like, I’ve gone and spent this sum of money on issues once I didn’t have it like for fun. So, I literally, like my mom was prepared to interrupt my neck. I received off work, advised her, I used to be like, oh, so I simply went and paid for this thing. And take a look at it, it’ so cool. I actually assume it’s going to work. And she or he’s like, what if it doesn’t. And I used to be like, oh, I didn’t take into consideration that.

Cassie:              I used to be like, you recognize, screw it. If it doesn’t work, I’ve spent cash on issues that I didn’t want before. And I used to be like already just wanting by means of, like, I used to be just reviewing like model calls. Like, just taking a look at this, I used to be like, I already really feel like I’ve gained one thing. So it was already value it. I hadn’t even like carried out something. I hadn’t even truly like sat down and targeted on anything and I was so bought on it.

Molly:              What does your mom assume now?

Cassie:              She nonetheless tries to love, my mom is rather like a scaredy cat.

Molly:              Isn’t she nonetheless comfortable for you?

Cassie:              Yeah, yeah, she’s like super pleased with me.

Molly:              There we go, sorry. It was frozen. But go forward again. Isn’t your mom pleased with you now although?

Cassie:              Yeah, like, they’re all super pleased with me. However like my mother, identical to behind her head, every as soon as in awhile, she’ll be like, now, just have in mind, it’d decelerate or it’d do this or it’d do this. I’m like, yeah, I hear you. I was like, you additionally didn’t want me to hitch. You have been like get a refund right now. And I was like, no, it’s not going to occur.

Molly:              How long have you ever been in this system? I’m glad that you simply don’t have your mom’s mindset because that’s not the mindset to have. How long have you been in this system?

Cassie:              Since July? So what’s that, like, four, 5 months, one thing like that.

Molly:              And how lengthy did it take you to pay your funding?

Cassie:              I feel I might have paid it off inside the first month simply however I feel I like sort of spread it out beneath like two months. However I actually made i feel six grand or one thing the primary like month. And that was once I was like, being somewhat scaredy cat saleswoman. So I was like, I’ll offer you all this free stuff and this and how about this and this. After which I like what now I’m mad, why would I do this.

Molly:              You have been struggling with sales and you continue to made how much your first month?

Cassie:              $6,000.

Molly:              That’s superb. That’s so awesome.

Cassie:              I used to be so nervous. I was like, I simply acquired a bunch of stuff completed off and I used to be wanting by means of my order type and I’m like, taking a look at my little notes like five free digital photographs. I was like, I want to go back and smack her, like why did you do this? Why would you do this?

Cassie:              I truthfully was never going to inform you that.

Molly:              Nicely, the secret’s out now.

Cassie:              You realize what, the second month, I don’t keep in mind if it was the second month or the third month that I made just like the $22,000 gross sales for the month. And that was the month I didn’t give something away totally free. Not a single factor. It was just me being like, look, you’re shopping for this and like you don’t get anything additional. It simply is what it is. They usually’re like, oh yeah, no, that’s nice. I’ll take that. I’ll add pictures to the subsequent election regardless that I’m nearer this one. However you already know, that’s the higher deal, like just, I didn’t know I could possibly be a saleswoman but I’m a hell of a saleswoman.

Molly:              Yeah, you’re. Your second, so, okay, hold on. We acquired a backup because that’s some fairly good number. So your second or third month, so let’s simply say third month even, you grossed 2000?

Cassie:              Okay, so my first month sales like gross sales complete, I feel was like round $6,000. And then my second month sale was round $11,000. And then my third month sale was $22,000. Properly, I identical to bumped it up each month. I don’t know, I haven’t checked out it some time but I keep in mind like writing all the things down and like being so enthusiastic about it. So I do particularly keep in mind these first three months off.

Molly:              That’s awesome.

Cassie:              And I imply, it’s clearly, like, I don’t know what my sales have been for the last month have looked at it and written it all down. But I’ve been extraordinarily busy with shifting.

Molly:              That’s superior. You’ll be able to all the time update us within the group and we’ll speak about this at the finish, but I mean, Cassie truly simply hired her first like, real like, assistant, like a< nicely, truly, I don’t know if she’s a contractor worker, but like an actual rent in her enterprise, which is super exciting. But earlier than we speak about these assistant, which I’m super enthusiastic about what was like considered one of your favorite, when you might decide just one, like what’s sort of like your favorite part or method or something about Boudoir Certified?

Cassie:              Favorite one. Favorite. I don’t know. I don’t even know easy methods to single something out. Like every thing in it’s so useful. The whole lot is like for a certain cause so I can’t actually determine, I imply, clearly model call was like an enormous thoughts blower for me. I never expected that to be like the best way, like I didn’t anticipate that to be like a profitable strategy to do something. But I assume I additionally didn’t understand like that folks don’t are available as a result of like they do or don’t need one thing, they only don’t know but. Like everybody needs it. They’re just scared out of their minds that they’re not going to look good, that they’re not going to like their footage.

Cassie:              In order that was really identical to eye opening me as a result of really like that’s exactly what it is, and like getting began like getting your identify out. I was operating by way of Fb at this time and I noticed a picture of lingerie. I was like, oh, what’s this? And it was a woman saying like, oh, I need to do something special for my boyfriend. I made a decision to go through the comments and like simply individuals after individuals hey, go take a look at Everlasting Fact Boudoir. Just so many people and it’s identical to by means of the group, like the group was helpful. Like I might have by no means recognized to start out a personal group, I all the time simply thought, oh, business page, this is how you do it.

Cassie:              I’ve added like 9 million random individuals to my private Facebook and I was all the time like, that is my Fb. I’m going to keep it simply my Facebook. However there’s so many people that I get to succeed in out to that in any other case wouldn’t even know I exist or that my firm exists. So like, there isn’t one favorite like they all have to exist together they usually’re all like so necessary.

Molly:              That’s actually the precise thing that Kerry stated once I was just chatting with her before you. She was like they all should exist together and I imply tell us though, like your Facebook group, I mean, do you like the strategies concerning the Facebook group as a result of how massive is your group now?

Cassie:              I feel it’s like 10.6k followers. Clearly like group develop I might have never recognized something about that. Like I’m clueless. I knew nothing. And then I met you and now I’m like super sensible.

Molly:              You’re superior. You’ve all the time been super sensible woman. It’s funny, like everybody has it in them. Everyone simply needs a roadmap. You’ll be able to determine it out by yourself if you want to sacrifice money and time however for those who don’t need to sacrifice, you understand, like I stated, it actually took me, I’m not even exaggerating, like six years of struggling, of testing what works and what doesn’t work and I’m telling you don’t want to it that approach. In the event you can just comply with a roadmap, its means, method simpler. Cassie, like actually, I feel you stated you joined in July or something and like your first month six grand, I might have freaking killed to have that.

Molly:              So, what is what you are promoting like now? I imply, I assume you’ve type of already informed us about it. But, I mean, you’ve got, I feel you might have like a more moderen studio and you just put like a very cool clawfoot tub in your studio which is cool.

Cassie:              Yeah, I obtained a bunch of area and now I’m like, dang, I want more room because I’m actually dangerous, like, we now have more room, let’s get more stuff. [inaudible] hearth and a clawfoot tub and I’m like this this hallway’s too small, like I want more room. However I’m simply making an attempt to carry myself again. I’m like, we simply obtained right here, I’m not shifting once more. However anyway.

Cassie:              Yeah, so, like once I very first began doing boudoir like two years ago, approach earlier than Licensed once I was like not good anyplace, I began in my attic in my house that I had identical to reworked and like it was very nice. I had perhaps 10 individuals a yr and everyone liked it. Then I began Certified identical to a month after I obtained this like little teeny tiny studio, and it principally, like I obtained it as like a storage place for the whole lot and I was like that is never going to get used. No means. Like how am I going to pay for this.

Cassie:              However I was like, I’m going to provide it a shot. And it was simply teeny tiny like hallway that I simply was utilizing. After which I started Certified. I used to be like, all proper, clean this out, we acquired to make it a real reside studio. I started being profitable and then we came upon like we needed to transfer identical to a number of months into being there and I’m like, great. Like, we received to maneuver, we simply received settled in. Like, I’m still behind a bit bit, I’m just making an attempt to get caught up as a result of it was just me doing the whole lot. We just moved to the brand new studio and it’s received like two separate rooms. We’ve an condominium, we now have our own hair and make-up room, our own toilet. Like I’ve my very own office and it’s tremendous great.

Cassie:              I don’t know, it’s just super superb because I might have by no means like in all probability committed to a studio like that beforehand because like there would have been no like figuring out whether or not or not I was going to be able to pay for it. Now, like, I might have been fantastic getting a studio that value me a couple of hundred dollars more. I simply ended up getting like an excellent deal, because I don’t know, I simply obtained lucky.

Cassie:              Then I’ve received, I truly ended up getting like a hair and makeup artist. Earlier than I was identical to fluctuating between like a workforce of like seven hair and make-up artists that have been like sort of doing it on the aspect and now I have like a devoted makeup artist, a devoted like hairstylist that they’re like, I call them like a head of hair, had of makeup. And like, I’ve a woman who sort of like takes care of them and be sure that they’re doing what they should do.

Cassie:              Then I simply employed my assistant and she or he like I advised you, sort of once we first started, she give up her job to return work for us. And like, that’s how much she cares about what we’re doing. And despite the fact that she’s doing just like the behind the scenes stuff, like she’s just so excited to be a part of it as a result of she is aware of like what she’s doing is the little stuff however it’s the stuff that finally takes up time that I want to take a position into the enterprise and into our shoppers.

Cassie:              Just so many things have changed. Like, I’ve all the time like tried my greatest to be like tremendous skilled. I assume I just have like an concept that like, that is the best way it should look once you stroll in, that is how you have to be greeted, these are the type of issues that it is best to have access to. And it was simply so arduous at first to have all of these things when it was just me and now like having this staff of like actually like reliable individuals, they usually’re dependable as a result of like, I can assure them this time and like this money. And you realize, clearly they care about what I’m doing.

Cassie:              It’s just so cool to be able to be capable of like know that like I pays individuals to like do jobs that I want accomplished. Like they’re going to be dedicated to doing these jobs in order that I can give attention to what I have to concentrate on. And every thing’s operating like really easily. Even down to like, I simply used handy individuals their books. And it appears like such a simple thing, like, okay, simply purchase a bag, put some tissue paper in it so it appears prettier.

Cassie:              Nevertheless it was like, those few more seconds, like I’m operating around already making an attempt to get issues achieved and now it’s like individuals get their stuff in pretty luggage like with thanks playing cards which are handwritten. And like meaning so much to me as a result of I try to be sure that every thing is so private and now I can do this as a result of I’ve like this group of people and it’s all as a result of like I’m truly successful and it’s actually 100%. Like, obviously, I’m implementing this expertise and I’m doing what I have to do nevertheless it’s the information that I gained by way of this system that I might have, like, perhaps I might have gotten it will definitely but I don’t truthfully see how it will have occurred so smoothly and like so shortly without the program. Prefer it was on the spot.

Molly:              I’m so pleased with you. Like significantly, I mean, like, I know everyone’s listening and like, oh wow, she has a studio and she or he has a staff and she or he has all these things. But like she did not have all that stuff when she first began guys. You’ll be able to actually put your foot on the fuel as quick as you need to go. I imply, actually, I mean, I’m not making an attempt to downplay, like, you are a tremendous gifted individual, Cassie, but like, actually what you probably did right here is such as you made a dedication to hitch and do the work and you set the pedal down real quick and you just went and it’s solely been like, three, 4 months and you already have all these new modifications and you have an assistant. I mean, it’s simply so superb. I’m so pleased with you.

Molly:              Tell everybody how previous you’re. I don’t keep in mind if we stated that at first.

Cassie:              Yeah, I stated it. I feel it’s funny that like we concentrate on that a lot. I get the thought around it as a result of it’s, like it’s sort of superb. I do know my shoppers like listening to it that I’m like one in every of only like a couple of certified professional boudoir photographers in Ohio and I’m just like the youngest a type of three and individuals are like, what. And I’m like, yeah woman, that’s me and I’m taking footage of you so welcome to the membership. Come on, come on child.

Cassie:              Yeah, I’m 23 and I have a two yr previous daughter and a four yr previous daughter. Like I’m a mom. I obtained a busy life as it’s. And I’m a businesswoman. And I’m a licensed skilled boudoir photographer. I really like my job and I really like my life.

Molly:              Oh my gosh, I really like you. You’re superb. The rationale I targeted, I just need to clarify to everyone why I’m focusing on your age is because I started my images business once I was like unofficially 17, formally began once I was 19. I had it in my thoughts that I couldn’t do the issues that different individuals might do as a result of I used to be younger. I will probably be trustworthy, like some individuals do truly decide because you’re younger but the majority of the ones which are the suitable shopper for you, they’ll see that as such as you stated, like an awesome thing.

Molly:              However I simply really assume it’s so cool that like, if anybody’s watching this they usually’re 23 or younger or no matter, like you are able to do this and I simply wish that, you already know, my 19 yr previous self would have been capable of like watch this and know that that was all in my very own head, you recognize. And so, I simply assume it’s superb.

Molly:              So yeah, so I feel we just about coated all the things. So, I so if there’s anybody listening to this that’s like on the fence about becoming a member of us in this system, I assume, like what would you say to them if they’re considering it?

Cassie:              Clearly do it, like 100%. I don’t see the way it might do anything however profit someone who particularly is like, okay, I need to do boudoir, like that is my passion. Like, okay, you’ve obtained the eagerness, nice. Deliver your ardour, I’ll offer you information. Like that’s literally what you do for us. Like deliver your ardour, I’ll show you the best way and nothing but success from there. Like, sure, there are ups and downs, sure, you’re going to be terrified, absolutely terrified. Because it’s new and like it’s on the web.

Cassie:              It’s, it’s scary, it’s super scary. But so is boudoir and we get our shoppers to return in despite the fact that they’re scared they usually’re more than grateful that they really confirmed up they usually didn’t run away, they went, like they needed to. They didn’t simply say screw them and lock the doorways. She better not come out right here and attempt to greet me as a result of I’m driving away. Like, critically, that same idea. I feel it’s really essential for us to be able to get over that hump and be a part of Certified as a result of it’s the identical hump that like our shoppers need to recover from in an effort to come into our studios. It’s so crazy the way it all like is related and like the same feelings that we feel with this is identical feelings that they feel.

Cassie:              I feel it’s tremendous necessary. It’s obviously tremendous helpful. I might have never expected this for myself. In fact I might have all the time like dreamed about it however like being this is my life, like I significantly some days still wake up and like pinch myself. I’m like, did I really wake up or did I just get up in like dream land because this will’t be my life however it’s and it’s awesome and like it’s only the beginning of month for me. Prefer it was superior the first month, after which it was much more awesome second and the third and like just [inaudible] and put the whole lot that you’ve into it, do it as a result of that’s the way you’re 100% going to get probably the most out of it.

Cassie:              Like, I’m an internet type of individual so like I give up my job, I wasn’t enjoying any video games, I used to be like this is occurring. I feel like if you take that step as scary as it is, such as you get probably the most out of it because you’re absolutely devoted. You’re not giving your self any choice but to succeed that means.

Molly:              That’s awesome.

Cassie:              I can preach slightly bit, I’m a talker.

Molly:              No, no, I adore it. I adore it. I’m positive everyone listening is like super grateful for identical to every thing you’ve shared and holding it real. I have to say if you wee speaking about waking up in like pinching your self or no matter, I think about you like awoke tremendous flawless in your clawfoot tub and also you’re like I get to take superior photographs at this time.

Cassie:              Nicely, the clawfoot tub is at the studio. I get up with a headache …

Molly:              Together with your youngsters leaping all over.

Cassie:              I all the time attempt like sneak in work while I’m at residence. I’m supposed to like now work from home but I’m all the time like, oh, go to the toilet, let me work a bit of bit, all the time making an attempt to sneak in more work.

Molly:              Properly, it’s because you’re tremendous passionate. And for anyone who’s watching this, how can individuals like reach out to you, like, is it okay in the event that they reach out to you and the way can they do this?

Cassie:              Yeah. I imply, Fb. I all the time get anything on Fb, I’m on Facebook all the time with my group and stuff. So like personal Facebook or obviously, I have a Everlasting Fact Boudoir business page however I don’t actually like are likely to it nearly all of the whole lot I do, even in case you’re just wanting to love type of see how my group goes, it’s empowered ladies, empowering ladies on Facebook. You’ll see my cool little emblem with my bar photograph.

Molly:              It’s actually cute. My first emblem ever was a hand drawn emblem and so I feel that’s part of the rationale why I also adore it is as a result of it sort of reminds me of that, it’s super cool. But yours is means cooler. Properly, superior, cool. So yeah, everyone, for those who if you wish to ask your questions you already know about program you possibly can reach out and ask Cassie. She’s an actual individual, she’s not a robot. She’s an actual one that lives in the midst of nowhere in Ohio.

Molly:              Superior. Thanks a lot for chatting with me and everybody watching at this time. Yeah, do you might have anything kick ass for the rest of your day?

Cassie:              Immediately is my assistant’s first day so I’m like counting down the seconds. We’re all so excited for her to be there immediately. Like, we went out and obtained her like a number of little presents. Do you could have like a chilly second so I can inform you about me telling her she was hired. It was probably the most nerveracking thing. It was like telling any person the love them for the first time. I was so scared.

Molly:              That’s truly actually correct. That’s a very good method to explain it.

Cassie:              So like the lady who was like appearing as my assistant up so far, she’s a pal of mine, she’s just type of been helping with me with all the things. We’re truly pals as a result of she’s had of make-up and every part. So I didn’t truly even know her previously however she’s simply really grow to be close to me.

Cassie:              So, we get this concept, we go out like buying. After her first interview, I used to be already bought and I used to be like, dude, I don’t even know her but she’s good for this job. I was like, are you able to are available and do like a second individual interview take a look at the studio? And she or he’s like, yeah. Nicely, seems like she’s in her automotive like shaking with like nervousness, afraid that we like modified our mind and like, hey, she’s going to love are available. We’re going to speak and be like, okay, properly, we’ll be in contact. Like, you’re completely not hired, you understand, whatever. I’m also like, I used to be anxious all day because I was like, what if she doesn’t need to work for us anymore. After which like making an attempt to like pat our tears and then like we meet nose to nose. And like, my voice was like shaky. It actually was like telling somebody I used to be in love with them.

Cassie:              However we went and we purchased her like a bit espresso cup that stated, like, whatever you do, do it nicely or something like that. And like a guide and a cute little planner. And then our little woman power pens that we wear.

Molly:              Oh cute. I really like that. That’s so cute.

Cassie:              So we had it on the desk and then wrote like a sign like, welcome Carrie. We didn’t put it on the desk at first as a result of she needed to walk by way of after which I took her out into like the primary capturing room, we closed the door and my appearing assistant, she was like, give me that, oh yeah, she’s completely like are we doing this? We like totally like, do like a signal however it wasn’t really understanding. And then it hit me, I was like, wait, how do I like tell her that she’s employed. Do I identical to, okay.

Molly:              That’s superb.

Cassie:              I didn’t even think about like what like sentence I was purported to say. So I just stored bouncing round it as a result of I was like nervous. I didn’t need to screw it up. And I used to be like, so like, it took me like 15 additional minutes to only work out in my head whereas we’re speaking, like, I didn’t want her to know that I was making an attempt to determine it out. So I’m just speaking about other stuff whereas I’m still making an attempt to work this out my head. And eventually I was identical to, okay. So, when can be an excellent time whatever.

Cassie:              So we get by means of that and we walk back to the workplace. I open the door and she or he sees different presents. And then all of us simply start crying. We’re all simply crying.

Molly:              Oh, that’s superb.

Cassie:              All day to try this. And she or he thought like this isn’t going to work out. So we’re all identical to group hugging and crying. After which all weekend, the three of us have been like making an attempt to not textual content one another as a result of we’re all super pumped for work at the moment as a result of the primary day with all three of us like working together however we’re identical to making an attempt not to be clingy. It’s exciting to me that like I discovered somebody that I didn’t even know existed like that that’s passionate like I am about what I do and is like tremendous right down to do all of the grit work so that our business can maintain shifting. And like we’re all tremendous pumped to be at work on Monday.

Molly:              That’s superb. And now, you get to not only empower your boudoir shoppers, however you get to empower different individuals to be just right for you with jobs that they really love. And so it’s like, the extra you grow your corporation, the extra you’re doing. It’s simply so, yeah, that’s superior. I’m tremendous pleased with you. You’re awesome.

Cassie:              Thanks.

Molly:              Yay. Nicely, great. Properly thanks a lot for chatting with me. I know we’re going to talk again actually soon. I used to be like very long time no see. Not only are you going to Boudie Camp Reside but you’re speaking at Boudie Camp Reside so that’s pretty thrilling. Are you nervous or excited?

Cassie:              So I’m like a naturally anxious individual. I’m like 80% positive I’d cry. Whether it can type of be like, I’m going to rise up there, attempt to like speak and not be like, give me a second. I just should cry for like five minutes and never.

Cassie:              And then I’m just going to cry in front of you guys for like 5 minutes. After which I’ll be back and I’ll have loads of really superior things to say. But I have like, I’ve been studying a variety of books these days just for like my very own self and only for like my group because plenty of what I do is like motivational stuff, inspirational stuff.

Cassie:              For these folks that like aren’t coming in for shoots, individuals who simply need like basic day by day uplifting and empowerment, I feel plenty of the stuff that I’ve been studying by means of that, like, I’m super excited to share with you guys because I know what I informed you I needed to speak about was just type of like authenticity and like why I feel like I am clearly, apart from all the instruments that you simply’ve given me, why I really feel like I’m so profitable and like individuals need to come to me over different individuals, is that identical to rawness that I’ve and identical to the authenticity and like how weak I permit myself to be, and it’s comforting to them. As a result of like they’re going to be weak and like, I’m just as weak and I’m so open about it.

Molly:              I completely agree with.

Cassie:              100% going to cry so it’s high quality.

Molly:              I truly advised Aaron, I used to be like, I really feel like there’s going to be numerous tears at Boudie Camp Reside this yr because, like, I’m already getting like emotionally excited for the occasion, and it’s like five months away or no matter. Nicely, I’m super excited to see you and everybody there. It’s going to be super fun and we will all cry collectively and be awkward together and have a great time.

Cassie:              Yeah, I’m actually enthusiastic about it.

Molly:              Superior. Nicely, thank you. I’m going to let you get back to altering the world and we’ll speak actually, actually soon and I’ll see you in the group. But yeah, thanks a lot for sharing the whole lot with us right now.

Cassie:              Yeah, anytime.

Molly:              Thanks, bye.

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