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Welcome again to this free video collection on “Why It’s Time for a Catholic Dumbledore’s Army (and Why You Need to Join)”!

I’m Brandon Vogt, bestselling writer of seven books, together with Why I Am Catholic and RETURN. I also work for Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Hearth Catholic Ministries.

Let’s shortly recap what we’ve discovered thus far in this collection (and by the best way, when you missed any earlier movies, simply click the movies on this page to go back and watch.)

In Video #1, we discovered how Harry Potter saved the whole wizarding world by creating Dumbledore’s Army. It was an excellent strategy.

In Video #2, we noticed why we Catholics are in the same position as Harry and his pals: we’re in a battle, we’d like practical expertise, a pacesetter, a group, all that stuff, but we’re just not getting these issues from our parishes and institutions. So we have to study them ourselves. We’d like a Catholic Dumbledore’s Military.

Then in Video #three, the final video, we discovered how Harry Potter and Thomas Aquinas each adopted the same pattern to turn into masters in their crafts. They discovered three issues. In Harry’s case, the three issues have been good spells, the opponent’s curses, and the counter-curses. For Thomas, it was Catholic beliefs, the most effective objections to those beliefs, and how one can answer these objections. Similar sample in both instances.

However all of this raises an apparent query, which we’ll talk about in this video: gained’t all these things take a long time? Gained’t it take a long time to type this Catholic Dumbledore’s Army, and then to study and follow all this stuff?

Nicely, what if I informed you possibly can grasp any hot-button problem and talk about it like Dumbledore, in just 15 minutes per week?

Now, I do know that’s a daring claim. Fifteen minutes every week? That sounds loopy, so let me unpack it for you and show you ways.

First, let’s return to my conversion once more. Within the first video, I explained how after turning into Catholic, I used to be confronted with so many challenges and objections, lots of which I simply couldn’t answer. I used to be annoyed and scared.

So in response, I spent many hours reading. I easily read 50 books throughout my conversion interval, which meant conservatively, at five hours per ebook, I spent over 250 hours studying and learning. 2 hundred fifty hours! I assumed that’s what it took to rise up to hurry on these points, to confidently deal with the hardest objections and questions.

I adopted the same sample, time and again. I might be confronted with a troublesome problem, whether it was atheism, same-sex marriage, abortion, or science, questions I just couldn’t answer without sounding nervous and confused.

Then after I did not answer, my subsequent transfer was to soak up as much as I probably might on the topic—I gorged myself on books, blogs, articles, podcasts, movies, whatever I might find.

You may name it the Cookie Monster Answer—num, num, num, num, num—just shoving every part into my mouth. I needed to inhale and take up all the things I might.

However as I found, and I’m positive you possibly can guess, that technique didn’t work. There were two main problems with it:

First, it just took a ton of time. So as to get clear and confident about anybody concern, I needed to read perhaps 5 books per problem, which meant I was spending 25 hours making an attempt to get clear about each subject. And those books have been along with the other stuff I used to be absorbing—movies, podcasts, articles, and more. So that’s one huge drawback—it simply took approach an excessive amount of time.

Right here’s the second drawback, although: it led to info overload. You understand what that is like, right? I used to be taking in so much stuff, and most of it I actually didn’t need. However my hope was that, over time, the actually helpful stuff would simply float to the floor and stick in my mind.

However how many of you might have tried that technique? You understand precisely how it works out, right? It doesn’t!

What I came to understand was that 95% of what I used to be studying was irrelevant, a minimum of when it got here to my conversations with family and friends. I simply wouldn’t use 95% of that stuff in these discussions.

However that still left me with an issue: how might I determine the 5% I truly wanted? How might I separate the 95% of fluff, the 95% I didn’t actually need, from the essential 5% that I really wanted, the 5% of key information, ideas, and methods that basically made a distinction in my actual conversations?

Now, don’t get me mistaken. I’m not saying the other 95% is pointless or uninteresting. I’m not saying don’t learn books or don’t research.

It’s simply that relative to this specific aim—with the ability to confidently talk about thorny spiritual and moral questions together with your family and friends—a lot of the info on the market just isn’t going to pay off. It’s fascinating, nevertheless it’s not an excellent funding of your time.

I’m guessing with regards to the robust issues of our day—same-sex marriage, transgenderism, religion and science, atheism, the sex-abuse disaster—you desperately need to rise up to hurry so you already know what to say and the way to say it, however you also don’t have 25 hours to spend researching each matter, proper?

You don’t have time to read 50 books on these subjects—you simply don’t. You’re busy and you have so many different things happening.

So what you want is somebody who has already executed the onerous be just right for you, someone who has absorbed all that info and has decided exactly what you’ll want to succeed, and provides you just that, with none fluff. You need somebody who may help you determine the key 5% of concepts, and boil all of it down to some simple things you want to know, in just some minutes every week.

In different words, assume back to Dumbledore’s Army: what you principally want is someone like Harry Potter, someone who is perhaps just some steps ahead of you in this space, somebody who has already studied, who has already tried this stuff out in the trenches to verify what works and what doesn’t, so he can share exactly what it’s worthwhile to know and never waste your time with further information and concept.

Properly, here’s the good news: for Catholics, this truly exists.

It’s referred to as ClaritasU, and it’s the web motion I based a pair years ago. After having all these epiphanies about Harry Potter, Thomas Aquinas, the 5% and the 95%, I yearned for something like a Catholic Dumbledore’s Army, some group, some motion where I might study all these things, follow it, attempt it out, and prepare myself for the battles and conversations I used to be having.

However such a thing didn’t exist. So I did what Harry and his associates did: I created it!

Consider ClaritasU as a Catholic Dumbledore’s Army, the thing we’ve been speaking about throughout this entire video collection. It’s designed to make you a clear and assured Catholic, and to do it quick.

ClaritasU filters out the 95% to provide the 5% of data and expertise that may actually make a difference in your conversations, so you’ll be able to talk about all of the hot-button points with ease, without losing your time.

Now, at this level, I do know you’re in all probability questioning: “OK, this sounds amazing, but how exactly does it work?” Good question.

Right here’s how: we’ve huge group inside ClaritasU, and each two months, we all turn our focus to at least one hot-button matter. And we study that matter by way of a collection of video lessons, which I train, in addition to discussions and role-playing in our group area.

So think of ClaritasU like a collection of online programs, each lasting for two months. So for 2 months we’d give attention to atheism, then two months on same-sex marriage, then two months on transgenderism, and so on. Make sense?

Now during these two-month durations, you get you one brief video lesson per week—that’s it! The video classes are often 10-15 minutes lengthy, and that’s the only thing you must watch in the course of the week. I send it to you by way of e mail.

And that’s it. There are not any other necessities at ClaritasU. There’s no homework, there’s no further reading, no further steps. You simply open the email, click play, and spend 10-15 minutes studying the key ideas and methods it’s worthwhile to know that week—the 5% that basically issues.

Then by the top of two months, after watching the videos, you’ll be totally ready to debate whatever hot-button situation we’re masking.

Now, this has worked time and again, for hundreds of scholars. You’ll be clear and confident, capable of speak concerning the difficulty with anybody, whether skeptical associates, youngsters, household, or co-workers.

You see, once more, here’s what makes it so great: I’ve already accomplished the exhausting be just right for you. For every certainly one of these points, I’ve already read the books. I’ve already spent 25 hours or more on every matter. I’ve already honed these strategies in conversations with real skeptics. I’ve already separated the 5% (the important thing nuggets you need) from the 95% of stuff you don’t actually need as a way to confidently talk about this stuff.

I’ve accomplished all that for you so that you simply don’t need to, so it can save you the time and effort.

Just take heed to what Gabriela says. She’s certainly one of our hundreds of scholars at ClaritasU. She’s a high-school theology instructor. It got here time for her to teach her high-schoolers about same-sex marriage, and that’s an intimidating matter for a lot of high-school academics.

I mean simply take into consideration: think about you had to rise up, right now, and train a category filled with high-schoolers of same-sex marriage. What would you say? Most of us can be nervous!

But then Gabriela went via my ClaritasU course on same-sex marriage, which shortly gave her the 5% she needed to know, and the exact talking points. She then emailed me to say this:

Isn’t that superior?? Inside just some minutes of watching the same-sex marriage course movies, she was capable of master the topic and clarify it to a room filled with high-schoolers, in all probability probably the most skeptical viewers round!

And it didn’t take her years and years, or lots of of books and articles; it took her simply 15 minutes per week, to observe each video lesson.

Again, in the event you just persist with the 5% that basically issues, you possibly can master ANY hot-button difficulty and talk about it like Dumbledore, in simply 15 minutes per week.

Now, I do know you may also be considering: “OK, I know the three things I need to memorize, and I get the 5% thing. But couldn’t I do all that myself? Couldn’t I find all the information I need on my own, by reading books and blogs, searching online, or listening to podcasts?”

Properly, it’s true that you’ll find a ton of data totally free on the Web, or even by driving right down to the library. So you may undoubtedly go that path. However there are a couple of explanation why that’s a nasty concept.

First, you’ll inevitably get info overload. There’s just a lot out there, it’s robust to seek out the stuff you actually need, the stuff that’s actually effective in dialog.

I imply, how many occasions have you seemed something up on Google, you then begin studying one article, which results in another, and another, until you’ve learn 10 articles after which afterward, you continue to feel harassed and annoyed since you’re hardly better off than before?

The second drawback is time. It simply takes too lengthy to sift via all the websites, blogs, articles, podcasts, and books to seek out what you need. And most of us don’t have that much time, right?

Once more, it’s sort of like Hogwarts. Positive, any of the wizarding students might have spent days and days in the library, trying to find the books and spells they needed on their own, but they didn’t have time. The battle was nearing; the clock was ticking. Voldemort was on the transfer.

What they wanted was a pacesetter who might bypass all of that and train them solely the necessary expertise they wanted, and quick, without losing time—and that’s what Harry Potter did for them.

Finally, yet one more level: this isn’t just about getting info into our heads. If all you needed was info, then positive, you may park yourself in a library for a pair weeks, come out, and you’d be probably the most assured Catholic on the earth.

However we know life doesn’t work like that, proper? What you also need is sensible experience. It is advisable to check out these techniques with pleasant partners, you could ask questions, it is advisable get feedback from others and enhance.

And you simply can’t get any of that from a guide. I really like books, however here’s one huge drawback with them: the writer can’t interact with you. That’s why you need a Catholic Dumbledore’s Army, a group of dwelling, respiration pals and coaches who can work with you, develop with you, and supply feedback and encouragement.

Now, at this level, you’re in all probability desperate to study more about ClaritasU and how one can be a part of hundreds of different Catholics inside this Catholic Dumbledore’s Army.

But hold tight, the doorways aren’t open simply yet. In the subsequent video, which you’ll get in a pair days, I’ll offer you all the small print on how to sign up, and the way it will change your life, as it already has for therefore many others.

However in the meantime, earlier than we go at this time, I would like you to go away a comment right under this video and tell me this: When you might master ANY hot-button matter, and discuss it like Dumbledore, which matter would you decide?

Inform me: is it atheism? Science? Similar-sex marriage? Transgenderism? The abuse disaster? What’s it? I need to know, so tell me within the remark box.

Once more, I’m going to read every single remark right here, and I’ll respond to as many as I can.

Also, please share this link on Facebook, Twitter, or by emailing it to your folks and fellow parishioners. I need to draw as many Catholics as attainable into this motion.

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This is tremendous necessary, because once I activate Video #5, and the doorways open to ClaritasU, plenty of individuals are going to rush in and I don’t need you get squeezed out.

Again, thanks a lot for watching this video, and I’ll see you in Video #5, in only a couple days!