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The world seemed prefer it was on hearth. His whole band give up on him. He was contending with being a brand new dad. So B.J. Barham decided he was up to the challenges—literal, existential, logistical, emotional—and created the album of a lifetime.


Last yr BJ Barham, frontman for the North Carolina Americana outfit American Aquarium, was set to go out on the Decrease 48 Tour – a wildly formidable trek that may see him hitting up a minimum of one present in each state (sans Hawaii and Alaska). After which his band give up.

Each single member. And all of sudden.

He understandably felt blindsided. What was the purpose now?

But just some weeks after absorbing the psychological blow of having all five members of his band stroll out on the similar time, his wife gave him some frank advice: “You can either bitch about it or you can change it.”

And that statement turn out to be the overarching theme of Things Change, his newest document and simply, with little room for argument, his greatest collection of songs so far. (Amen. That goes for everybody else here at BLURT, too. – Ed.)

Oh, and he did embark on that exhaustive tour, solo, slightly over a month after the dissolution of that version of American Aquarium.

Only a week before the June 1 launch of Issues Change, with a brand-new band and a new child at house, Barham was sort enough to talk to Blurt, revisiting the good exodus of 2017, discussing the new document and the politics and optimism which might be woven into the new music.

BLURT: I’ve been wanting forward to interviewing you for a while now and thought I misplaced the prospect when it seemed just like the band was damaged up. So, I assume, thanks for preserving it collectively?

BARHAM: Ah, man, I am method too cussed to surrender.

Let’s speak about what happened together with your band. You’ve stated that everybody simply left. Was that a shock to you or did you see it coming?

It was a surprise because I didn’t anticipate it to return when it came, and all of it occurred at the similar time. I’ve had over 30 members of this band since 2006. It’s been lots of turnover, however I’ve been pretty fortunate to maintain a core of the band for the final eight years, however I’ve never made the same report with the identical band back to again; each report has had either someone give up, or someone changed, so I’m used to turnover. If it had been one individual, it might have been a daily day at the workplace. If it had been two that may have been a bit more durable… however, I had 5 guys walk right into a room and all give up. It was a mutiny aboard the ship. All the indicators have been there, I simply ignored them. It was just common unhappiness.

All of us began this band once we have been in school. We needed the same issues, we needed to tour in all places, we needed to play music for a dwelling. We believed on this awesome plan, but over the course of almost a decade individuals’s interests and other people’s lives change they usually go in several directions. What they was in love with they not look after and what they used to consider in has modified. By the top of that Wolves tour, it received to be that the show was the least essential a part of the day to those guys. They have been frightened about what they have been going to do before the present or after the show. These 90 minutes on the stage, that I nonetheless get up in the morning for and stay for, turned an afterthought for them. And once they give up, I had about two or three weeks of sulking and then my wife stated, “You can either bitch about it or you can change it.” And that’s one of the central themes of the report.

I went out and I acquired fortunate. I was on the Decrease 48 Tour and ran right into a mutual pal from Austin and he stated “Hey man, I heard about the band quitting. Can I put a band together for you?” I stated, “Sure man, whatever,” and he put collectively only a crack band of men which were doing this for 10, 20 years. I fly into Texas for that first rehearsal and everyone knew each single track from start to finish. We took this thing on the street final fall as a trial run to see how we do with one another and it went gangbusters. It was superb. We went to the studio and made a report together and issues went nice. (Under: the smoke-colored vinyl LP model of the album.)

This new report, the first monitor (“The World is on Fire”) grabs you immediately. You didn’t waste any time getting in to what you needed to discuss with this album.

Every artist says this about every new venture because we’re useless immature youngsters, but I feel like that is one of the best factor I have accomplished to date. And loads of buddies who’re trustworthy with me – those who would inform me “this one sucks” or “good luck trying to get this one going” – everyone has been super supportive. I feel creatively and musically we took a step forward with this one and I feel that’s all you possibly can ask for as an artist; make the factor that you simply put out higher than the very last thing and I feel we did that this time.

As a father, “The World is on Fire” really struck a chord with me. You understand whatever is occurring right now doesn’t just have an effect on you, however your youngsters as properly.

Exactly. That’s where that third verse actually got here from. That music was such a progression of 2017 for me just because I wrote that first verse the day after the election, simply anger worry and I had so many questions. I had no concept find out how to clarify what I simply watched. I put it aside as a result of I didn’t want this document to be about worry, to be about hate as a result of every different thing that has modified in my life since Wolves (his 2015 album) has been pretty constructive so I didn’t need to write a document around this. I wrote the second verse after I had been on tour for a while and speaking to individuals on the merch table after the exhibits – individuals from the left and the best and individuals who didn’t vote – and I regained loads of faith in humanity. I noticed not everyone seems to be a bigoted, misogynistic hatemonger, however some individuals are in simply desperate situations and the appropriate has carried out nothing for them and the left has accomplished nothing for them they usually voted for a wildcard. I started to develop into somewhat extra empathetic and simply to take heed to others as an alternative of simply pointing my finger at them and telling them why they have been improper or why they have been proper. I feel this final election is the outcome, the epitome of people simply eager to be heard.

I had no refrain and two verses at this point and simply sat on it for a while. During that tour me and my wife realized we have been having a toddler and that simply immediately modified my perspective. Regardless of how a lot my era does to fuck things up, we’ve still obtained hope in that subsequent era. So long as a majority of us train (our youngsters) to be good, trustworthy individuals we’ve got nothing to worry about and that’s where that third verse came from. Don’t just bitch and complain about change, do something and inspire that change. Once we finished that track it was a no brainer that it might lead off the album. Some data warm you up, however this one will get it going proper out of the gate.

Jason Isbell’s last report was in all probability his most political one thus far. The same with Superchunk and nearly any band that’s recognized for considerate lyrics placing out data because the last election. Was there any a part of you that was nervous about alienating fans by speaking about these points?

In fact. I feel anyone can be. You’re talking about alienating up to half of your viewers, so you must strategy the subject intelligently; you need to strategy the subject conversationally. You’ll be able to’t come out and say you’re all a bunch of fucking idiots. They’ll flip the radio off and throw out your data and say, “fuck that band!” However when you come at it with the angle, “Hey man, we both love NASCAR, we both love fried chicken, we both love college football. I just want to know why you feel this way about this thing.” Letting people know we’re the same individuals, we come from the identical locations. We disagree on this one thing, so how can we’ve an open dialogue about it. If anyone listens to this report and walk away considering, “man, he’s way too political” then they’re missing the point. That first track isn’t about politics at all. It’s about discovering hope in dark conditions.

I don’t care what space of life you need to apply that to, however it should affect every American right now. And the third track, “Tough Folks,” in case you stroll away from that considering, “Man, that’s just about his politics, he lost it,” then you definitely’re not listening to the music. That’s a music about perseverance, onerous work; that’s a music that claims regardless of how dangerous at present is you’ll be able to work your self out of it. I feel individuals from each side ought to be capable of get behind both of these themes that run by way of this report.

So, have you thought but about how you go about introducing these songs from the stage yet?

Yeah, in fact. We’ve performed them reside a couple of occasions and I just let everyone know this can be a music about discovering mild in darkness, this can be a track about not giving up hope, this can be a music about either complaining about your state of affairs or altering your state of affairs. This entire report is a dwelling tangible testomony a few guy who was at all-time low final yr when my complete band give up. I might sit at residence and complain about it, writing imply songs or I might pull my bootstraps up and hold this thing going and try to be constructive, attempt to fix this fracture in our country. To lots of people who pay attention to those data, politics may be the one thing that’s totally different. I simply need to make individuals conscious that we could also be method off base on this one factor however think of the hundred different issues that we are proper beside one another on.

There are lots of mainstream country artists that aren’t talking out and I can perceive that because for the longest time I didn’t converse out as a result of I assumed individuals would decide me for it, but I feel I’m approaching this report with virtually a humble strategy. All of us grew up the identical, I’m simply making an attempt to figure how all of us grew apart. That’s the hope of this report, that folks hear it and attempt to start a dialogue about it. Attempt to heal a fracture.

There does seem to be an optimistic thread that runs all through the document. And I don’t know if that’s because you’re a new dad.

You recognize, I spent years of my life complaining and blaming all of my issues on other individuals and this document, extra so than any I’ve written earlier than, is me saying a lot of the issues I’ve seen in my very own personal life, I’m going to take duty before and write simply as truthfully about how I’ve tousled my life just as much as I feel others may need. It’s more durable to take blame than to only put it on another person. I feel it’s a mixture of me being married, me having a new youngster and me just rising up.

I just turned 34 and I’m taking a look at the place I’m now in comparison with the place I was three years in the past once we recorded Wolves. It’s night time and day.

American Aquarium are presently on tour. More details at their Fb page or the official website.

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